17 Aug

Good afternoon sunshines!

Thank you all SO much for your kind words on yesterday’s post. I know that we all struggle with our own weight concerns and insecurity and its really refreshing to get such postive comments on how to deal with that. You are all too sweet! I am going back to school holding my head high because attitude is everything! (thanks for that reminder Jennifer!)

At the end of my last post I also spoke of Jean Drama. The tight or loose feeling you get when youre slipping on a pair jeans can cause a lot of anxiety for many women (and men). I struggle with JEANS a lot-I haven’t bought a new pair in about a year because I fear the size, feeling and stress that will come with trying/buying new pants. But to be honest, I am sick and tired of staring into my closet and drawers and seeing jeans that once fit my body (hello middle school, hello ED…) and feeling like I am not a good person for NOT fighting into those pants anymore. Jeans are known for being comfy, sexy and casual…no matter what the size!

Thats why I am on a mission to BTBB.

Bring The Booty Back.

WHY do we feel the need to change our bodies and rate our worth on a pair of pants that is manufactured in bulk? WHY don’t we change the pants to fit OUR bodies??

Lets bring SEXY back and a BOOTY that proudly goes along with it ūüėČ

As Kayne West once said:

“Welcome to the good life
Where we like the girls who ain’t on tv
Cause they got more ass than the models

(disclaimer: i know Kanye says A LOT of bs, but this was a good lyric…)

But frankly, he’s right- WELCOME TO THE GOOD LIFE.

I am going to BTBB and stop freaking about jeans that dont fit and find ones that DO-Just for me and my booty ūüėČ

WHOSE (booty) is WITH ME?


lookinnnn good girl

Comfy and casual!

Work ittt

So, I am offically saying BUH-BYE to the jeans that do not fit and working a pair that do. Feel free BTBB with me. NO SHAME-just working it. Attitudes what its alllll about. Looking good and feeling good. As the inspiring Katie said “strong is the new skinny”- BOOTY is back.

Ill leave you with a link to video and song that I’m loving right now ūüėČ http://vodpod.com/watch/4213173-katy-perry-teenage-dream-official-video

“Let you put your hands on me in my SKIN TIGHT JEANS be your teenage dream tonight”

Love you all!


Eat. Pray. Love-WAY.TOO.LONG.

16 Aug

Okay maybe I’m the only one who saw this movie and didn’t particularly like it…actually, I realllly¬†didnt¬†like it. The book was/is SO much better. Well I can’t really say that since I’m only halfway through the book but still, my hopes were so high for this movie especially with the beautiful Julia Roberts, but sadly it was such a disappointment! It¬†dragged on and on for 2 and a half hours and frankly-not¬†much happened!¬†I wont go too much into detail because I don’t want to be really negative if you haven’t seen it or enjoyed the book and MOVIE but it was definitly not my cup of tea. I think I’ll stick to this Julia Roberts…

hellloo Pretty Woman


On to other news, my eats today were pretty boring. Cake for breakfast (oh my lanta…), grapes and a luna bar as a snack, an 2 omletes for lunch requested by my Mama, peanut butter from the jar ūüėČ and left over flank steak, potatoes and a fresh salad. Not too shabby.¬†

Wacky cake. I SWEAR its good. actually amazing-hopefully I'll remember to post the recipe this week!


Last night's Wacky cake with ice cream (may or may not be x2)


I leave for school at the end of the week and yes, I’m excited to get back but at the same time I wish summer could last just a little longer. It will be a breath of fresh air to start a new school year and be reunited with my tampa babes but at the same time I’m having such an internal conflict with myself about going back.¬†I don’t even know exactly what that means but I think I’m feeling slighty (thats an under-exaggeration) insecure about my surroundings at school. Don’t get me wrong, Ive had the most amazing past 2 years at college but for some reason-this year seems different. I know I brought this up a few posts ago,¬†thats how I know it must really be bothering me. I don’t know if its the¬†fact that summers are usually the time when everyone “goes home, works, gets their bodies in shape, detoxes¬†from alchy, and just relaxes” but I feel like my summer has been the opposite. I traveled to Italy for 3 weeks, I had a very inconsistent babysitting job (hellloo¬†$5 bank account), gained 8lbs¬†(that is not an exaggeration) and have kind of just disconneted from the college life I used to crave.¬†

I’m very nervous about going back to school and facing my weight gain. Yes I definitly¬†think the weight gain was good for me (and¬†trust me, thats¬†realllly¬†hard to say)¬†because for the past 2 years I have still be borderline “normal” weight for my height but now that I’ve gained it all back, school is stressing me out. “Girls lose weight over the summer” and always come back “looking and feeling” their best and now I’m the opposite-I ate my way through summer. Yes, I know comparing yourself to other people is a terrible thing to do but how can you not when youre constantly surrounded by girls who are always “dieting” and striving to be thinner and better etc.¬†ITS FREAKIN HARD!¬†

¬†Ugh, i’m¬†UBER¬†stressed about this situation. Being home is definitly¬†a comfort zone for me and I think that’s why Im¬†fearing leaving so much since my weight gain. My family is always right there with me at home, a no judgement zone and now my Dad even makes comments to me saying “You look great Claire, your getting¬†curves again”. And yes thats¬†good, but in college curves are not a compliement. I’m sorry to be ranting about this, I’m just struggling.¬†


1. Did you like Eat, Pray, Love? 

2. How do you deal with the body image pressure at school, college, work etc? 

I have to say, I did thoroughly enjoy the Italy section of the Eat, Pray, Love movie. It WAS a confidence boost that when¬†Liz spoke of embracing¬†her muffin top and stopping the¬†guilty/negative¬†feelings about what she eats, and¬†more importantly¬†if our jeans don’t fit…why do we keep trying to fit IN them? BUY NEW ONES!!! (I’m going to keep reminding myself of this…)¬†


Thanks for listening, oy vey! 



Weekend Recap! LOTS of pictures =]

15 Aug

This weekend was by far one of my favorite weekends this summer. It was full of delicious eats, good friends, family time, God and LOTs of laughing!   

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh.¬†¬†It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” Audrey Hepburn ¬†

¬†Amen girl, amen. Laughing is the best, it is the¬†sensation that truly makes a person glow from the inside and out. ūüôā¬†¬†¬†

For starters, both my parents and my brother took off work on Friday so we could spend time as a family. Since it is so hard for us to all find time to hang out/vacation when our schedules are constantly all over the place-a “day-cation” was necessary.¬†¬†¬†

We went to a place called “The Grounds for Sculputre” in Hamilton, NJ and it was so sO SO much fun!!¬†¬†¬†

We stopped at Wawa in the morning to get gas and my brother and I immediatly went in the snack shop and stocked up on candy for the trip(it was only an hour drive lol). My Mom reassured me that it was okay to have an apple and sweedish fish as breakfast…because it WAS vacation ūüėȬ†¬†¬†

There was so much ground to cover when we got there and so many (inappropriate) jokes to make about the AWESOME (nakie) sculptures we saw. -yes our minds were all in the gutter that day. So be it.   

Here are some of the pictures from the day: 


The happy married couple!


Waiting for the bathroom...


Shaving with my homegirl.


We're biffs.

There are sooooo many more pictures but I won’t bore you with any more! We had SUCH a great day and ate a DELISH french restaurant while we were there. Lots of bread and garlic butter, pomme frits (best fries ever), salmon baked into a puffed pastry, and CREME BRULEE :¬†¬†


Yes, that butterfly was edible-and scrumptious!


And on to more eats!   

Egg white om w/baby bell peps, onions, mushrooms, laughing cow swiss, spinach and canadian bacon. perfection


Mom's "once a summer" BLUEBERRY PIE ūüôā


Baked tortilla chips with Wholey Guacamole!


A true homecooked meal-Flank steak, au-gratin potates, and green beans. (I had 2 more servings of potatoes-i couldn't resist!)




(unpictured DD blueberry muffin…the top layer of muffins are to die for!)¬†Ive been in such a blueberry mood lately. My toes are even painted blue right now! So summery ūüôā¬†¬†¬†

Those are just a few of my most delicious eats from the weekend. I also took the train into the City to see one of my best friends :   

photobooth is our fav


new apartments and went for a few long walks with my Mom (window shopping walks that is…)¬†¬†¬†

I havent exercised all week…which is both good and bad. Good because my body truly hasnt felt up to it (believe me I tried) and I want to give it the rest its asking for and bad because I know I need those extra endorphins and the¬†natural energy to keep me going for the start of school. Exercising also makes me feel better about my body and I definitly have been harder on myself this week because of that-but I’m learning to let that go. We do what we can in life and sometimes we just need the time away from working out to really tune back into our bodies!¬†¬†¬†


  1. What were your best eats this weekend?
  2. Do you ever take week-long breaks from the gym?

Tip for the week:   

Spend a little extra time with your family this week. They’ll really appreciate it. I forgot how good it was to hang out with JUST my family for the day and it was a blast ūüôā¬†¬†¬†

Thanks again for reading!!   



$ Your love is my drug $

14 Aug

Hollaaa. Hey there bloggies!

Today I’m drawing inspriation from some powerful women.

First up, my gurl Ke$ha.

I’m sorry, but how freakin cool is she?? Sometimes dont you wish you could wake up with your hair in messy curls, throw on a pair of ripped tights, a t-shirt and some cool shades and call it a day? Homegirl makes it look easy. She makes me not want to stress of the little things and just go with the flow, not to mention her music is SO catchy and perfect for a night out with the girls ūüėČ (downloading her album is a must if you haven’t done so already!)

”¬†Just because I’m sassy and have a mouth on me doesn’t mean I’m coming from a negative place. There’s irony in what I do; that gets overlooked. I’ve listened to a lot of rap where men talk a certain way, often about women, and I’m not offended. It’s meant to be funny. I’m throwing it right back at them, with humour, but some people can’t take it. They’re not used to women talking back.”
The next fabulous lady:


 Omgosh, what in the world would I do without my MOM?? She has always been my strength when I was weak(thanks celine dion for that lyric) and is the reason I am on my way to getting a degree in Elementary Education. She inspires me to be a better person everyday. I feel beyond blessed to have her in my life.

 Numero Tres

These lovely ladies are always dishin out the “hot topics” of the day and discussing issues that not only affect the world but the issues that affect women. Whether or not you agree with the politics presented on the show, I love how much of a firecracker each women is. Yes I watch morning talk shows- Regis and Kelly is another fav. (GO¬†Kelly with your STRONG athletic bod!)¬†They are never afraid to speak their mind or upset people because they believe in themselves. They debate in a very classy way that always makes me want to get more involved with politics¬†and feel confident in my beliefs no matter who’s around.


Those are my three powerful women of the day. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on just how powerful we are as people. Whether youre a guy or a girl reading this post-¬†it is so important to realize that each day is a gift and we are given a chance everyday to make the world a better place. Whether it’s smiling at a stranger (I LOVE doing this), helping a friend move into their new apartment, buying your Dad his favorite donut, holding the door for a¬†Mother and her 5 kids at the store, recycling your favorite soda bottle (insert Diet Crack hehe)¬†or volunteering at a hospital…EVERYthing we do,¬†has the opportunity for greatness.
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10”
We are SO much stronger then we think we are and often times don’t give ourselves, or God, the credit we deserve. Whatever we may be struggling with-whether it’s overeating, a break-up, debt, a bad haircut!, whatever it may be, we must not lose faith in ourselves or God. We need to love ourselves when we feel the most vulnerable.
“Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”
Timothy 1:5
(A shout out to a lovely girl, Kristin, who inspired me to write this post and remind ourselves that WHATEVER we are struggling with, we can conquer and learn to love ourselves more through the process.)
I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move.
Matthew 17:20
QUES: Who are the women/people in your life that inspire you to get through your struggles?

Nobody said it was easy…

12 Aug

Hiii there babes!

Alright I must be honest with you, I’m feeling a bit down and out today. Maybe its because its been raining all day, or because I’ve been extremely lethargic for the past week and I don’t know why. My mind feels awake but my body says “Nooo, picking up your legs is far too hard right now”. Its so weird, I HATE feeling this lazy for this long¬†but my body hurts.¬†I feel like I’m draggin my little booty all over town with no actual desire to move. Oyy.

Anywho, my eats the past few days definitly have not helped my cause in the least. I am actually a little embarrased to share with you the food I’ve eaten in the past few days because its hasn’t been very nutritious and eaten mostly out of boredom with hardly an ounce of will power. BUT, as I said in my about me¬†section-my struggles with over/emotional eating ARE a problem for me and sharing my problems openly and honestly are only going to force me to deal with them-which I NEED to do. The more I ignore days like this and get stuck in a never ending cycle of guilt-more emotional eating-more guilt etc. the more I feel awful about myself (not to mention the belly aches :/ ) Yes, I may be “thin and/or normal” looking to other people and my struggles may feel like complaints sometimes but WE are the ONLY people who knows EXACTLY what if feels like to be in our bodies. NO ONE else can feel what we feel. And i KNOW that right now I do not feel postive and healthy about my eating habits.

So with that said, I’m going to do my best to put my guilt and embarrasment aside for this post and share with you some eats (from my phone camera-sry!) and the newest book I’m reading to help me tune more into my natural body cues and MINDFUL eating.

For starters…

its a serious love/hate relationship with these babies

¬†I bought the bag yesterday…and I kid you not there are about 15 chips left in that bag. THAT is a problem. Going to the pantry for a serving with lunch is fine, in fact its a delicious. But not having lunch and eating half the bag and then a reeses dark chocolate peanut butter cup is NOT fine. (embarrased ūüė¶ ) so many calories, hardly any nutrition and a serious guilt trip after that.

lots and lots of these

¬†GRAPES. perhaps one of my favorite fruits-and one of the ONLY fruits I’ve had all day…also NOT okay. Munched on these with breakfast and throughout the day.

Drank this as part of breakfast. Really yummy with protein but A LOT of suggaa.

the PB palace.

¬†Danger*zone of deliciousness. I’ve probably eaten 3 servings of the Cinnamion Raisin kind on 2 (unpictured) cranberry, raisin, walnut buns the size of my face.


A shared bowl of popcorn with my mom and some havarti cheese slices.

Not to mention a BEAUTIFUL homeade blueberry pie my Mom baked this morning. (I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow!)¬†Oy vey.

Ummm…quick question, WHAT is wrong with me?? Its like 6pm and it should be time for a healthful dinner but I’m not even hungry because of all the damage Ive done to my mind and body today with food. I spent so much of my life restricting food and now i’m overdoing it. Im so frustrated and really embarrased. Eeek.

Does anyone else have day(s) like this? Or moments like these? Where food becomes more then just nutrients to fill our bodies with? Im very unhappy with myself today and know I need to put my concerns into God, but its harder then it seems when you already feel down.

Anyway-enough of this debbie downer post, sry for being such a bag bloggie today. If youre still reading this far-GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Any advice or inspiration would be greatly appreciated!

“I count him brave who overcomes his desires more than

him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is the victory over self.” -Aristotle

ps CANNOT wait to see this movie:





Date Night

11 Aug

Good Morning Beautiful Bloggies!

How are you this fine Wednesday?? Its officially the middle of the week and¬†quickly inching towards the WEEKEND, hollaaa! This is my last weekend at home before I go back to school and it is definitly a bittersweet feeling. The past 2 summers I’ve literally had a countdown for when I would be back at school and this summer it is the complete opposite. I forgot how nice it is to be home, yes it’s boring at times but its so nice to be with my family and home friends for a change and actually have ME-time. I don’t know about anyone else but some of my favorite days at home are the ones I spend with myself. Movie, nails, reading, laying out. Its just nice to have that down time before the year starts up again.

Being a crazy Freshie:

Dancing by myself…

The good ol’ days.

Sophomore lovin’

Before ALL the school work kicked in…

¬†Now being a junior, I feel like I’m gonna have no life its just gonna be ALL work and hardly any play ūüė¶ wahhh

Anywho- Last night I went to the beach to see a special boy hehe and we ended up going on a bunch of rides on the boardwalk. Ferris wheel, the double shoot, some really spinny thing that made me nauseas and ended the night getting ice cream (cookie dough OBVI) and going for a swim. I seriously felt like I was in middle school again and it was perhaps one of my favorite nights. We were definitly about 5 years older then everyone else there but that was half the fun of it.

Does this make anyone else EXTREMLY nauseas??

Oy vey-now I know why my parents never wanted to go on those rides with me and my brother when we were younger lol.

I cannot wait to watch this movie:

My husband.

And make another one of these:

Deliciousness in my mouthhh ūüôā

Even though it wasn’t whole wheat crust-it was AMAZEBALLS. My mom and I gobbled this up in about 10mins-nojoke.

Thank gosh for the blackberry pics to tide me over til I get my new cameraa!


Whatre your favorite pizza toppings?? We put onions, peppers, mushrooms and candian bacon on ours…SO yummoo ūüôā

Have a fabulous Hump Day loves!

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” -Gandhi



Snow white and the 7, i mean 8 dwarfs.

9 Aug

That’s right…I’m adding myself to the pack of Snow Whites famous Dwarfs. You’ve got Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy¬†and Sleepy…and as of now-¬†Droopey. Why Droopey¬†you may ask?¬† Well,this morning I had to get a CAVITY filled…wahh!! Don’t you hate that? Get all numbed up and walking out of the dentist drooling on yourself because one side of your face is drooping and you don’t even know it?? Well that’s how I spent the first 3hours¬†of my morning/afternoon. It was too hard to eat anything til around 2pm today so my Mama suggested we head over to one of our least favorite places in the world…Starbucks to get Vivano Smoothies. Have any of you tried them?? I had this one:

The Strawberry Banana smoothie and my Mom had the Chocolate Banana one, which we both agreed was a leettle¬†to “chalky” tasting, Regardless-it was amazeballs, we drank them up in about 20mins¬†and thankfully NO brain freeze ūüôā These babies have about 15-18grams of protein in them(depending on the drink) which I thought was really good! And if you’ve read this fabulous¬†lady’s¬†blog, you know just how much protein plays a role in gaining some SUPA strong muscles ūüôā (Yay for the muscle movement!!-you rock Katie!)

The rest of the day consisted of getting some yummy products at Bath and Body works…the Sweet Pea scent¬†it amazinggg, you’ve got to try the hand lotion-its not greasy at all and really smooth! And they were getting a bunch of their fall candle scents in…can anyone say Pumpkin Pie?? Ah that is one thing I miss about living in FL- you don’t get any of the beautiful season changes like you do up north.

Is anyone else shocked by how QUICKLY this summer has gone??

¬†The rest of the day will consist of reading my new books I got at Borders (I could spends¬†hours, probably days in that store) and watching some TV with the rents…i¬†know, SO exciting-but i love it ūüôā I’m thinking of making a pizza tonight for dinner…lots of veggies and gooey cheese are a must but I had sooo much trouble finding a Whole Wheat pizza dough to bake…does anyone have a suggestion for a good one? I guess I’ll use the regular dough tonight but I’d love to make a fresh wheat pizza soon too.

sorry for making your mouth water…


 Thanks again for reading! I hope you are all having a FABULOUS week so far! PS sorry that all of these pictures are not mine-thanks google(im gonna have to figure out how to cite all of these)-but unfortunatly my beautiful camera and ipod got stolen while on my trip to Italy-RIP. SO I desperatley need to buy a new one soon!

“There is nothing hidden, except to be disclosed; nor is anything secret, except to come to light.”–Mark 4:22