Ciao Bella



Things I love that make me feel “Hellaa Beautiful”

-Reading any and every type of magazine  (US weekly, Shape, Self and Cosmo are among my favorites)

-Painting my nails (I change my nail color at least once three times a week! I LOVE bright, crazy colors)

-Listening to music on my Ipod or in the car with the windows down

-Snacking on popcorn while watching TV

-Reading the Bible before bed

-Shopping for hangbags and sunglasses

-The Nars Orgasm and Laguna combo

-Betty White

-Saving up my money for something special (im frugal..unless it comes to food shopping)

-Wearthers and sugar free butterscotch hard candies

-Sorority pride

-Wearing HUMONGUS (sp?) sunglasses, leggins and a tank top-obvi pretending to be a celeb

-My tiny tattoo and belly button ring (i’m so B-A)

-Strawberry POPTARTS and chai tea

-Yoga and weight lifting

-Babysitting my favorites

-Cleaning, I loveeee to clean and organize things

-COLORING and writing

-Wearing fake glasses to the library to feel “smarter”

-Wine nights

-Dancing like a maniac 😉

Whatre the special little things in your life that make you feel “HELLA BEAUTIFUL”??


2 Responses to “Ciao Bella”

  1. lpskins August 25, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    Come clean my house!!!!

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