Its good to be different.

31 Aug

Hello my loves!

UH! I feel SO disconnected to the beautiful blog world lately. I haven’t been able to keep up with everything and everyones pages this past week with move in and the start of classes.

Now that I have a good hour to myself, I figured I would finally POST on my site since its getting pretty dang lonely.

car picture with my new camera. WHOA sunglasses…

And YES, you did hear correctly-NEW camera!! I’m so pumped. Holla to my peeps at HH Gregg who hooked me up with this awesome deal! I got the Samsung TL220 and LOVE ittt. Its a touch screen and has lots of options but is still easy to use (I’m not the best with technology) AND it has the double view so when your taking cool/myspace pictures of yourself like above, you can see yourself from the front. Im sure most people have heard of that feature but I didn’t even know it exsited!

I was sold when the salesman told me “this is realllly trendy right now”

 Anyhow, my eats lately have been pretty on and off. I hate to say it but I think the mix of stress and nerves off school has kind of turned down my appetite. (probably because I haven’t excersied in what feels like forever too!!!) I’ve been doing a lot of snacking and eating meals only when I’m TRULY hungry, which has been so good for me.

Since I struggle with binging/overating at home, its kind of nice to have the school schedule and atmosphere again where my eats are what I want, when I want.  I’m sure once I adjust more to my schedule and such I’ll have more consistant meals again and get back into an exercise regimine.

True life: I’m addicted to this stuff.

Its my go to for dessert or a little snack with an apple or rice cake, or just outta the jar. Yummm in my tumm.

I LOVE having a fridge full of fresh fruit and veggies and having the option to make omletes and my own wraps with hummus and turkey pep etc besides just whats in the Caf (ick! after 2 years!) or the salad bar.

*TIP* For any readers who are troubled with mindless snacking, especially at nighttime latley I’ve been asking myself this question before I reach for an unhealthy snack or head towards the ice cream carton-

“Would I rather be hungry for a satisfying, savory breakfast in the morning or stuff myself now and go to sleep with a belly ache?”

Sometimes questions like that don’t work, but now I seem to respond better when I seriously question my actions and make sure my body is in tune with what I’m doing as well. As an emotional/mindless eater I have learned to remind myself that –You are going to eat for the rest of your life, you DO NOT have to stuff your face all in this one moment!


Moving on-

I went to get a mani this Sunday before classes started and asked the women to give me a french with a design. I was kind of hesitant but decided I wanted something fresh and fun for the start of school so I let her go at it and got this:

As the lady was finishing up she looked at me said “Its good to be different”

I thought to myself “Wow-thats the best thing Ive heard all day”- It IS good to be different and we all need to celebrate our uniqueness a little bit more! 

Me and the Mama 🙂

 What makes YOU unique?

SO good to be back!!




6 Responses to “Its good to be different.”

  1. kbwood August 31, 2010 at 7:28 pm #

    HEY GIRL!!
    ahhh i feel soooo disconnected too!! school is getting in the way of blogging! you and your mom are SO Beautiful! wise words on mindless snacking! love ou girl!

  2. pursuitofhealthfulness August 31, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    How boring would life be if everyone was the same? It’s our differences that make us beautiful!

    P.S. PB&Co. doesn’t stand a chance around me!

  3. Molly September 1, 2010 at 1:06 am #

    ah I have a ring problem…I would wear 50 at once if I could. I LOVE that ring! and I love cinnamon swirl PB. Are we twins!? I think so!

  4. Jennifer September 1, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    You are awesome, I just have to start by telling you that!! 🙂

    I love your advice about late night snacking, SO true and I never thought of it like that before! 🙂

    Love the new camera! Congrats, you must be so excited!

  5. Maura September 2, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    heyy claire!! thanks for commenting on my blog. i absolutely adore yours & can’t wait to read more. man, it makes me miss college like woah. live it up while you can!! anywho, what makes me unique? my name actually. not many people have it 🙂 oh and pb&co. is fab, just fab!

  6. Freckled Foodie September 7, 2010 at 11:42 am #

    i’m feeling ya, sweetpea! it IS good to be different. in today’s world, i wouldn’t want to be like everyone else. that’s for sure! you look gorgeous! i think it’s important to take some time off from exercise for awhile, sometimes. it’s easier to put things in perspective about what really matters when we aren’t focused on when we’ll be able to squeeze in our next workout. i didn’t exercise at all this weekend, and i feel completely rejuvenated! haha. LOVE the nail art! ❤ xo.

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