Back in Action!

26 Aug

After 2 days of moving stuff into my room in tropical storm weather, I have FINALLY settled into my beautiful room! And everything made it in relitivly DRY considered the terential downpours weve been having!

My room may look like a cramped 2×4 -but its my little space and I love it. Plus my bright orange sheets make me extra smiley when I see them 🙂

"Orangeya glad I didn't say banana?"

This is definitly my happy color lately, usually its green but I’m feeling the brightness of orangey/pinks this month.

Anyway-onto more important things than color-SHOES!

Yayy! Since move in got delayed due to all the rain Monday I went shopping with my Mom and Aunt and we all got a pair of these sandals!! I LOVE how dressy/casual they are and anything with bows and lepord print-I’m THERE 🙂

I’ve already been so busy with school stuff and still feeling really uneasy about being back. I know it just takes a little time to get back into the swing of things but lately I’ve just been feeling “left out” of my usual comfort zone and friends. My whole life I have been more of an introverted person and I think that’s why home was so enjoyable for me this summer. I had all the “me” time I needed and didn’t have to feel like I was missing out on things.

At school, I definitly put myself out there more and like to keep busy with people (and yes, the party scene) but as of now I havent really seen too many people and have been back and forth staying with my family. Its weird that I’m a junior and facing these problems-when I was a freshman/soph I LOVED school because it was my “runaway” place from the hell of senior year/ED.  Being far from home and not having to deal with the baggage I left there was like paradise. But now that I’m older I realize that running has not solved any of my problems. I still let people get to me, I still resort to taking my stress out on my Mother (which IS so horrible and makes me so frustrated) and I still have a part of me that is SO lost. I know I need to let go and realize that summer is over and a new year is starting but I just cant seem to grasp that this isn’t a vacation or a sleep-away camp.

I am getting a new camera tomorrow so you will no longer have to look at these dreaded bberry pics but here are some of my eats lately!

Greek chicken shredder bowl with brown rice, lettuce, feta, chickpeas, olives and cucumbers!

Flat out wrap, turkey pep, hummus, feta and green grapes

Almonds, cashews and cranberry mix x4 like errrrday

and the chocolate raspberry kind!

Those are all the pics I have now of yummy eats because my phone doesn’t save them so I can’t take tons until I have an actual camera again. But trust me when I say I have EATEN far more than this-some not so healthy and some more healthy. Either way, I feel like I have been eating my way through my emotions lately.

I have an event tonight and will probably head to my Grandmas early in the morning to spend one last day with my Mom before she returns home. I can’t wait to take more pictures and fill you in on things/eats once school gets started again.

What has been your hardest move/adjustment recently? College-parents-new school-boyfriend?

Love you all!


One Response to “Back in Action!”

  1. August 29, 2010 at 5:20 pm #

    how fabulous does that greek shredder chicken bowl look!! oh i wanna have this right now! the combination rocks too 🙂

    i used to look at school as a place of escape too until i got older and i ended up having more anxiety and it was a place of hell lol. its so hard to motivate urself to push past the anxieties and fears and try to find meaning in putting urself in uncomfortable situations. but its always good to challenge urself and the payoff is worth it!


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