Eat. Pray. Love-WAY.TOO.LONG.

16 Aug

Okay maybe I’m the only one who saw this movie and didn’t particularly like it…actually, I realllly didnt like it. The book was/is SO much better. Well I can’t really say that since I’m only halfway through the book but still, my hopes were so high for this movie especially with the beautiful Julia Roberts, but sadly it was such a disappointment! It dragged on and on for 2 and a half hours and frankly-not much happened! I wont go too much into detail because I don’t want to be really negative if you haven’t seen it or enjoyed the book and MOVIE but it was definitly not my cup of tea. I think I’ll stick to this Julia Roberts…

hellloo Pretty Woman


On to other news, my eats today were pretty boring. Cake for breakfast (oh my lanta…), grapes and a luna bar as a snack, an 2 omletes for lunch requested by my Mama, peanut butter from the jar 😉 and left over flank steak, potatoes and a fresh salad. Not too shabby. 

Wacky cake. I SWEAR its good. actually amazing-hopefully I'll remember to post the recipe this week!


Last night's Wacky cake with ice cream (may or may not be x2)


I leave for school at the end of the week and yes, I’m excited to get back but at the same time I wish summer could last just a little longer. It will be a breath of fresh air to start a new school year and be reunited with my tampa babes but at the same time I’m having such an internal conflict with myself about going back. I don’t even know exactly what that means but I think I’m feeling slighty (thats an under-exaggeration) insecure about my surroundings at school. Don’t get me wrong, Ive had the most amazing past 2 years at college but for some reason-this year seems different. I know I brought this up a few posts ago, thats how I know it must really be bothering me. I don’t know if its the fact that summers are usually the time when everyone “goes home, works, gets their bodies in shape, detoxes from alchy, and just relaxes” but I feel like my summer has been the opposite. I traveled to Italy for 3 weeks, I had a very inconsistent babysitting job (hellloo $5 bank account), gained 8lbs (that is not an exaggeration) and have kind of just disconneted from the college life I used to crave. 

I’m very nervous about going back to school and facing my weight gain. Yes I definitly think the weight gain was good for me (and trust me, thats realllly hard to say) because for the past 2 years I have still be borderline “normal” weight for my height but now that I’ve gained it all back, school is stressing me out. “Girls lose weight over the summer” and always come back “looking and feeling” their best and now I’m the opposite-I ate my way through summer. Yes, I know comparing yourself to other people is a terrible thing to do but how can you not when youre constantly surrounded by girls who are always “dieting” and striving to be thinner and better etc. ITS FREAKIN HARD! 

 Ugh, i’m UBER stressed about this situation. Being home is definitly a comfort zone for me and I think that’s why Im fearing leaving so much since my weight gain. My family is always right there with me at home, a no judgement zone and now my Dad even makes comments to me saying “You look great Claire, your getting curves again”. And yes thats good, but in college curves are not a compliement. I’m sorry to be ranting about this, I’m just struggling. 


1. Did you like Eat, Pray, Love? 

2. How do you deal with the body image pressure at school, college, work etc? 

I have to say, I did thoroughly enjoy the Italy section of the Eat, Pray, Love movie. It WAS a confidence boost that when Liz spoke of embracing her muffin top and stopping the guilty/negative feelings about what she eats, and more importantly if our jeans don’t fit…why do we keep trying to fit IN them? BUY NEW ONES!!! (I’m going to keep reminding myself of this…) 


Thanks for listening, oy vey! 




7 Responses to “Eat. Pray. Love-WAY.TOO.LONG.”

  1. erinsloves August 16, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    Oh girl I understand you completely! I am in the SAME boat with school- Last time I was in school I was around 8 lbs. lighter as well (Not sure the exact amount- I quit weighing myself). Im very nervous about how I will deal with it, but Im just trying to tell myself that I am at a healthier place in my life now, and should be happy to go to school that way- A lot easier said than done, but I’LL GET THROUGH IT AND SO WILL YOU!!
    Cake for breakfast = my kind of girl! Holler!

  2. Molly August 16, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    ok 1. I GAIN weight in the summer always. but besides that is not the point here. You look fabulous, and your friends will think you do too. Its hard leaving, its hard changing. I always bawled my eyes out when I left school for the summer, and then again when I left home. Find your niche. Find things and people that make you happy and make you love YOU (the person you are RIGHT NOW). Enjoy every day, every single freaking day. College flies by, I would kill to have it back. It really is and always will be the best time of your life. Dont let the little stresses bother you, and just live up and soak in every single day you are given 🙂

    Keep your head up girl! You are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL. Never ever forget that.


  3. Freckled Foodie August 17, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    yummm! can’t wait for the wacky cake recipe! xoxo.

  4. Jennifer August 17, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    I understand how going back to school can be scary for you. But honestly, it’s all about confidence. If you walk through the door looking insecure about your body, it is guaranteed that they will notice that you look different. However, if you walk in there feeling radiant about yourself, you will give off a natural glow and they will think wow, she looks great. So your attitude about it all is key. Your gorgeous and you can do it! 🙂

  5. Erica @ Fashion meets Food August 18, 2010 at 8:06 am #

    I really wanted to see Eat Pray Love…. I absolutely love the book, but I have heard a lot of people saying they didnt like it and the book is so much better. So I think I will nix going to see it in theaters for now any way.


  6. anotherhealthyhabit August 18, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    I think most girls struggle with this whether or not they are willing to admit it. I know 8 lbs might seem like a lot, but if you are healthy and happy that is all that matters. Strive for health before weight loss, strive for friends that don’t judge and strive to be happy with who you are. I struggled with this too and really had to work at letting the negative thoughts pass. It is hard, but be confident in your own skin because you are beautiful!!!


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    […] you all SO much for your kind words on yesterday’s post. I know that we all struggle with our own weight concerns and insecurity and its really […]

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